The Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) and FASTPORT Partner to Help Employers Develop Apprenticeship Programs.


LOUISVILLE, KY - February 23, 2017 — The Mid-America Trucking Show, the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world, announced today a partnership with FASTPORT, Inc., the U.S. Department of Labor’s Industry (DOL) Transportation & Logistics Sector Industry Intermediary, to help educate leading trucking employers about the benefits of apprenticeship programs to their business, funding opportunities available to them, and how to increase their talent pool with great candidates.

“We are proud to provide the venue and opportunity for the transportation industry to learn more about creating incredible paid training programs for the next generation of trucking professionals,” said Toby Young, President of Exhibit Management Associates for MATS. ”Our exhibitors are excited to participate, and we are looking forward to facilitating this unique event for them.”

This year, MATS will be held from March 23rd through March 25th. Trucking industry exhibitors and employers are encouraged to register in advance and participate in DOL’s Accelerator Conference on Thursday, March 23rd from 10am to 2pm. Exhibitors and employers can register here.

Brad Bentley, FASTPORT President, expressed his appreciation for the work the DOL Office of Apprenticeship has put into the creation of the Registered Apprenticeship program and the movement to engage with employers through an industry intermediary. “Private-public partnerships like the DOL OA has put into motion have put the transportation industry in an enviable position: it can work as a unified coalition to attract the best candidates for its most sought-after careers.”

“By working together to attract both civilians and Veterans as future transportation professionals,” Bentley continued, “the industry and its leading employers will improve the lives of their newest employees and the health of our nation’s economy.”

FASTPORT CEO Bill McLennan noted that many of the nation’s service members and Veterans are familiar with apprenticeships and are excellent candidates for future transportation-specific apprenticeship programs in the civilian sector.

“Many employers in this patriotic industry are doing incredible work to draw our nation’s Veterans as well as great civilian talent into its great careers,” said McLennan. “With the addition of a Registered Apprenticeship program, we will do even more to help Veterans see the incredible job potential in transportation, bypass barriers to entry, train while getting paid and transition into a high-skilled career.”