NATSO Announces New Partnership with FASTPORT To Help Truckstop and Travel Plaza Operators Recruit and Hire Veterans

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NATSO, the national trade association representing truckstops and travel plazas, has announced an exciting new partnership with FASTPORT to help NATSO members recruit and hire military veterans and transitioning service members. FASTPORT has joined the association as a Chairman’s Circle member, the highest level of support an industry supplier can achieve with NATSO.

FASTPORT’s mission is to educate, motivate, hire and inspire veterans and transitioning service members into great careers with great employers within the transportation industry.

“As we prepare to remember the people who have died while serving in our armed forces on Monday, we are reminded of the need to help veterans and transitioning service members in this country who are trained leaders with vast experience in critical truckstop operator skills, such as problem solving and safety," said Pamela Hayes, vice president of business development at NATSO. "NATSO members have a need for experienced leaders, and veterans are a perfect fit.” 

“FASTPORT will work as a conduit between truckstops looking for managers and shop repair experts and veterans looking for careers. Truckstops can provide careers with real economic opportunities. We look forward to helping service members find opportunities at truckstops where they can grow their already robust skills,” said Brad Bentley, FASTPORT president.

NATSO board members identified the need for human resource assistance during the 2015 strategic planning session, and NATSO has responded with a number of new programs to help operators find employees that will thrive in a service-based industry. “Our new partnership with FASTPORT addresses a primary concern that is shared among operators of all sizes,” Hayes said.

NATSO members will receive a NATSO member discount on FASTPORT’s services. To learn more, NATSO members can contact Brad Bentley, FASTPORT president, by phone at (256) 454-5049 and by email at

Partnering with FASTPORT will give NATSO members another cost-effective, targeted resource to help them find the right employees for their operations,” Hayes said. NATSO is growing its number of industry partnerships and new cost-saving programs for members

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