What's Better than Watching the Red Sox at Fenway? Finding a Job There.

With the Veteran unemployment rates the lowest they have been in 8 years, the prospect for a successful transition from military is high. To help connect those who are making that transition or are ready to go to work now, FASTPORT joined the Hiring Our Heroes hiring expo at Fenway Park in Boston.

To kick off the hiring event, Hiring Our Heroes (HOH)  invited job seekers to speak to every employer at the event because they might find a great career at an unexpected company or industry.  HOH Senior Advisor and President emphasized the point when speaking to the nearly 300 veterans, servicemembers and military spouses who attended the event to look outside their comfort zone to find all the job opportunities available.

“For a lot of young veterans, they may not understand the depth and breadth of opportunity that exists in corporate America,” Eversole said. “They may think the only type of job at CVS is stocking shelves, or CarMax is selling cars, or GE is an engineering job; there are so many other incredible opportunities with these companies...that it’s really absolutely critical that they go out and explore those opportunities.”

Eversole continued, “so a large part of what we encourage young servicemembers to do, and all veterans, is to come out and explore, and not only to look for a job but for that career that’s going to make them happy and provide real economic benefit to them and their families.”

With those comments setting up the hiring fair, FASTPORT was joined by job seekers with diverse career backgrounds and goals who were interested in learning more about what opportunities are there for them in the transportation industry.

Fastport Booth at Fenway.png

FASTPORT’s Military Program Director Sharri Justice (pictured above) said, “It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet with service members today. I was especially pleased to see so many members of the Guard and Reserve come out for the event since the transportation industry has an incredible need for service members who are available to begin their career now with continued military training. Our Trucking Track employers are ready to hire them in a variety of career paths because they know how valuable those qualities are in their respective companies.”