Jerry Wolff: TMC's Black-and-Chrome Success Story

“Life has given me different roads to take, and the military set me on a successful path in the trucking industry. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”  —Jerry Wolff

“Life has given me different roads to take, and the military set me on a successful path in the trucking industry. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

—Jerry Wolff

By the time Jerry Wolff exited the military in 1991, he left with a work ethic and can-do attitude that would help him succeed in any career.


Jerry owned a profitable cabinet shop for fourteen years after his service but had to close its doors after the housing market crashed. While searching for a new job, he saw that most of the available jobs were in the trucking industry, so he decided to get his CDL. He enrolled in a truck driving school to prepare for his CDL testing. Jerry chose a family-owned school near his home in Northern Georgia.

While Jerry was in school, he had a chance to hear a presentation from a Field Recruiter representing TMC Transportation. The recruiter began with a challenge to students that Jerry found appealing. The recruiter said that he was only looking for the very best drivers in the class. Jerry felt this was a challenge worth his time – to be one of the best drivers on the road, working with a great company in which he could grow in his career. “I’m not a job-jumper,” said Jerry. “I wanted a company that I could invest in for years—and a company that would invest in me.” This desire led him to become a member of the Black and Chrome at TMC Transportation.

Additionally, TMC’s military-friendly culture drew Jerry toward its driving program. “The military is all about performance and drive for excellence, and I found that same attitude with the drivers and management at TMC,” said Jerry. “That company culture made it easy to transfer into driving and gave me the support I needed.”

By the time Jerry finished his first year of driving, he was named one of Trucking’s Top Ten Rookies. This annual contest, which is sponsored by the Truckload Carriers Association, spotlights up-and-coming drivers (those who have been employed by their company for less than one year) who positively represent the trucking industry and take pride in their profession.

Since that first year, Jerry has gone from driving to training to recruiting. “TMC has been a Cinderella-ride for me. I’ve been here just four years, and I’ve been able to expand my career in ways I never thought possible.”

As a TMC field recruiter, Jerry now has the opportunity to speak with many people who want to begin their driving career. He emphasizes that the military attitude of hard work and integrity can make a ton of money and a great career, but he also understands veterans might have concerns as well. “One of their biggest fears is that they are going to be away from their families for months at a time, which is a tough prospect since they just returned from service. I tell veterans that doesn’t have to be the case. Look for opportunities close to home, and you’ll be home on a weekly basis or more.”

“TMC isn’t going to throw you on the road and forget about you,” said Jerry. “They supplied me with a support network that focused on my family values and took my wife and three boys into account.” Looking back on his driving experience and where it has led his career, Jerry said, “I feel more than ever that I made the right choice.” 

Hardworking veterans are the future of the trucking industry, and Jerry Wolff is one example of that trend. Thank you for your service, Jerry. We look forward to hearing more about your career in the years to come