How is the Trucking Industry Going to Solve the Driver Shortage Problem?


The trucking industry currently suffers from a shortage of class A commercial drivers. Recent estimates peg the driver shortage at 235,000. Compounding the driver shortage is an aging workforce, with the average age of a commercial driver being 55 years old. Coupled with industry demand growth, it is estimated that America will need on average 96,178 new commercial drivers to enter the job market annually over the next decade.

The trucking industry has identified military veterans as a viable candidate pool for new commercial drivers. American Trucking Associations committed the trucking industry to an ambitious mission: hiring 100,000 U.S. military veterans over the next two years. YRC Freight, has recently announced its commitment to hire more than 7,000 veterans, mostly commercial class A drivers, in the next five years. Maverick Transportation has recently opened a $4 million driver training center and is offering veterans new to driving enhanced training with approved veteran benefits subsidies.

The Hiring Our Heroes Trucking Track Program fueled by FASTPORT has 32 industry mentors available to support veterans through their transitions into great trucking careers.

"Trying to Solve the Driver Shortage" written by Michael Fickes for Georgia Motor Trucking Association is a great article in the TRUX publication that highlights some ways industry leaders are addressing this issue.