U.S. Chamber and George W. Bush Institute Reveal Veteran Employment Transition Roadmap at Mission Transition: FASTPORT Plays Role through Chamber’s Veteran Employment Advisory Council (Clone)


July 6, 2015 -  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce revealed its new method to help transitioning service members and veterans succeed in civilian employment: a simple-to-use guidebook to called the Veteran Employment Transition Roadmap (VET Roadmap).

FASTPORT was asked to contribute to the Roadmap’s development because of our experience helping thousands of veterans and transitioning service members find employment as part of the Hiring Our Heroes Trucking Track Mentoring Program. The Trucking Track has committed to educate, motivate, inspire, and hire 150,000 veterans into the trucking industry, and the VET Roadmap equips soldiers with the tools they need to access jobs and flourish in the professional world after their military experience.

"FASTPORT is honored to represent the U.S. Trucking Industry as a member of the U.S. Chamber's Veteran Employment Advisory Council ," said Bill McLennan CEO of FASTPORT. "The Chamber and the George W. Bush Institute's leadership, along with contributions from other leading employers of veterans, enables the VEAC to produce valuable transition tools for veterans like the Veteran Employment Transition Roadmap."

You can download the VET Roadmap by clicking here.