FASTPORT and Trucking Industry Put Soldiers on Target to Great Careers at Fort Gordon, GA Hiring Fair


June 30, 2015 - FASTPORT and the Trucking Track introduced soldiers to the trucking industry’s diverse career options at the HOH Fort Gordon Job Summit on June 25. Fort Gordon is the home of the Army Signal Corps and the Cyber Center of Excellence. With hundreds of soldiers in attendance, it is clear that more and more military veterans and transitioning service members are becoming aware of the tremendous opportunities the trucking industry provides, from driving careers to IT positions.

Many of Fort Gordon’s soldiers expressed interest in the great career options trucking carriers offer on, and FASTPORT was impressed to find that about 20% of those soldiers had an MOS code directly related to military driving or mechanic specialities. One of the opportunities that the FASTPORT team emphasized for those service members was the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Military Skills Waiver. “There were a few soldiers who had heard about the Waiver, but most had no idea that it existed, let alone that it could get them in the driver’s seat faster and potentially boost their starting salary,” said Sharri Justice of FASTPORT. “Once we explained what the Waiver can do—and why veterans are so incredibly valued in the trucking industry—the soldiers were even more excited to get started.”

FASTPORT was joined by Kalli Yoon, an advocate for veterans in trucking because of her experience as a military spouse. “Having the opportunity to share the outstanding roads to success trucking can put these soldiers on was a true honor. The military has instilled each of these soldiers with the training and characteristics that make a successful part of any trucking team, and the Trucking Track is a fantastic way to put them on that path.”

The Trucking Track has already introduced thousands of current and transitioning veterans to great employers in the industry who understand and seek out military members to become part of their elite companies, and hiring events like the Fort Gordon Hiring Summit will help to introduce even more to their future careers. To learn more about how to hire the exceptional men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, visit or call 978-877-4300.