FASTPORT Co-Founder Jim Ray Unveils JobChat and The Qualifier at ATA’s MC&E Conference to Help Carriers Reach Qualified Drivers Instantly



Oct 20 - Philadelphia, PA - Today, FASTPORT Co-Founder Jim Ray revealed The Qualifier™ and JobChat™at the ATA’s MC&E Conference.  These expansions to JobMaps™ technology will enable carriers to not only reach more drivers but also to pre-qualify the best matched candidates and communicate with them instantly.

Jim unveiled the new products during his talk titled “Dirty Secrets, Stealing Drivers, and Secret Weapons,” which generated buzz from attending carriers who are looking to grow their fleets in 2015/16. People anticipated the talk because Jim promised to reveal the trucking industry’s best (and worst) kept recruiting secrets that owners, executives, and recruiters use to grow their fleets and steal drivers. Jim also took advantage of the time to announce how the combination of JobMaps™, The Qualifier™, and JobChat™ form secret weapons that could improve the way our industry recruits online.

To illustrate how these tools can accomplish that goal, Jim explained how together they will make reaching, qualifying and hiring drivers faster than ever:

  • Reach with JobMaps™: First, create your JobMaps™ that includes a map of your route/hiring area. Then, FASTPORT’s job sharing technology posts your JobMaps™ to cities and sites within your hiring area or along your route, avoiding oversaturated markets.
  • Filter with The Qualifier™: Second, set your quick application process to filter out candidates that fail to meet your minimum requirements. You set the filters, so you get only the candidates you want. No more wasted time with huge percentages of unqualified candidates.
  • Communicate with JobChat™: Third, talk with candidates the instant they are interested in your posting or company via their computer, SMS or phone. The system is queue-based, which means you determine which recruiters receive chats and in what order. But here’s the best part: because you’ve set up your filters, you will only chat with candidates who meet your minimum requirements.

“For the first time ever we are going to reveal a new product that will fundamentally change the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting drivers,” said Jim. “Imagine if your recruiters could talk only to drivers who meet your minimum requirements the moment they are interested in your company. That way you never let a driver drive by your job postings. How much of an impact do you think that would have on your recruiting?”

“Now, imagine that all those candidates have been vetted by questions that you set up to filter in only the most qualified candidates for your specific job requirement,” continued Jim. “That targeted reach is invaluable to accessing--and quickly hiring--the best applicants to grow fleets.”