FASTPORT Co-Founder Jim Ray speaks at the unveiling of the new training center at Maverick Transportation.

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On Thursday July 24, Maverick Transportation unveiled their new training facility in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  

Seventy-five percent of Maverick’s drivers come to the company without driving experience. Now 210 drivers can be trained at one time in the new $4 million structure which features multiple adjustable classrooms and five new training bays.  

Maverick is raising the bar in the driver training arena.  As a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes "Trucking Track" sponsor, Maverick is committed to hiring and training soldiers who are currently exiting the military.  With the support of FASTPORT's technology, Maverick aims to help veterans start careers in the trucking industry.


Jim Ray, co-founder of FASTPORT, attended the celebration to welcome Maverick as a "Trucking Track Ten" member and applauds Maverick's efforts to train and offer career opportunities for military personnel and their spouses. 

"This building represents a courageous faith in our industry and a belief in the greatness of the American Trucker.  This building signals that now may be the best time, ever, to be in our business.  Never before have drivers been more needed.  Now is an opportunity to take the freedom afforded by deregulation to build the greatest new generation of truckers ever."

Ray said that veterans are perfect for trucking. "Our armed forces are the greatest logistics organization in history of the world, and no matter the specialty, they leave the service hardwired for transportation. Service members are highly trainable, fit, safety conscious, ambitious, professional, and trucking is a new way to serve their country."

"I trust Maverick, and the rest of our Trucking Track Ten, with my own freight, with keeping our roads safe, with carrying our future.  And I trust each of the Ten with helping our veterans -- who have sacrificed so much and performed so well -- with guiding our veterans to become part of the next great generation of American truckers."  Ray further admits, "... like our veterans, truckers are, and always will be my heroes."

Ray and FASTPORT have high hopes to help guide veterans to become part of the next great generation of American truckers.