People Ready to Help

Get hired at the right company fast. Our Job Matching Experts are veterans, spouses and military family members who work directly with company recruiters and HR departments, utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning technology to get you hired with the right company fast. Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Set a Timeline

Our Job Matching Experts will first ask you a series of questions to figure our your personal preferences, career requirements and transition timeline.

STEP 2: Create an Action Plan

Then, our team will work with you to create a customized action plan with steps and deadlines to transition successfully. Steps include: career research, resume creation, employer prospecting, etc.

STEP 3: Execute the Action Plan

Our team will work with you to execute the action plan utilizing our digital tools designed to 1) speed up the employment process and 2) provide better career matches.

STEP 4: Give Feedback

Once you’ve successfully transitioned, we encourage you to give us feedback on your experience. What went well, what didn’t, what did you like, and what could be improved.

Technology Built to Connect

Resume Engine

Resume Engine

A resume writing tool that translates military service and accomplishments into civilian terminology. Once entered, your experience is matched to career opportunities.

Career Spark

Career Spark

A military spouse resume writing tool that translates your work and volunteer service into civilian terminology. Once entered, your experience is matched to career opportunities.

Fast Track

Fast Track

An industry education and career search tool to help you search for industry leading employers and transition successfully into your civilian career.

Paid Apprenticeships

A connection to paid department of labor approved apprenticeship programs in the transportation & logistics sector to bridge skills gaps to access great careers.